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Dr. Rainer Lampe

is founder and managing partner of TPES and responsible for the project management side of the company. With over 20 years experience in the consulting industry, Dr. Lampe is a well proven problem solver for our clients in various industries.

Tel: +49 (69) 716 799 77 // E-Mail: rl[at]tpes.eu


Nicole Eigner

Nicole Eigner is partner at TPES. With long time international experience in Human Resource Management and talent search, she is your recruitment expert for high-level executive key positions.

Tel: +49 (69) 716 799 73 // E-Mail: ne[at]tpes.eu

Simone Bandte

is our organizational talent in the office. With over 15 years experience in the consulting industry, she is our professional interface and contact for clients and candidates. She also supports all national and international projects.

Tel: +49 69 716 799 70 // E-Mail: sb[at]tpes.eu