Market analysis

Locating the right candidate.

To win new talents, you need to know: Who are the key players in this field ? How does their CV look like? Where do they work?

We invest the required time, energy and patience to do the research.

With a profound knowledge of markets, industries and companies, we analyze the competition, target companies and their structures. That’s how we set the stepping stones to identify your new employee.

The result: A transparent overview of the competitive scene researched with discretion.


Talent Search

It’s all about finesse and human nature.

Based on your requirements, we collect and check the background of your top choice candidates.

We contact them and find out, if they are willing to move. After the first interviews and we check the cultural fit to your company.

Reference checks for your top choices after the interviews complete the process.

The result: Top selection of suitable and interested candidates.

Team Development

If one isn’t enough.

You build, rebuild or expand your business unit? You set up new subsidiaries? You need a new and fresh team?

We support you with your team search and development.

We use your company strategy as well as the targets of the new organization as basis to find the best staff for your entity.

Together with you, we select and define team matchs and accompany them and their development  during induction and onboarding, a major impact to deliver quality placements.

The result: a performing team – from the start.


Assessment & Diagnostic

Candidate fit

To find the appropriate candidate for a position, qualification, motivation as well as values of the candidate have to match with your companies’ vision. This sets the grounds for a surpassing performance, job satisfaction and success.

We help you identifying the candidate’s personality, competences, values and preferences with proven methods and instruments.

Individual and team assessments, competency based interviews as well as psychometric tests are part of our repertoire.

The result: well-grounded decisions and high quality placement.



Inspire. Wow. Commit.

You’ve found your top talent. The contracts are signed.

Now, the work begins. Literally and figuratively. Here we can help you to increase placement quality. Whether getting to know the company strategy, systems or structures, the work with various members of your team are vital elements for a successful and quick start for your candidate.

We support your new employee during the first 100 days of his induction.

The result: a solid induction and high productivity


Interim Management

Fast, lean, adjustable

Often, projects are being stalled or threaten to fail. 

What, if the right skill set and experience for a vital  project role is missing and the pressure increases? TPES helps you with your project management. From planning to evaluation, we fill critical positions with external specialists.

As processes and projects carry on, you meet your project goals and stay on schedule.

The result: Freedom and room to find sustainable solutions