Transformation Treasures.

Learn about our work! An excerpt of tricky situations we solved together with our clients.

The new sales team

For the opening of a new subsidiary, one of the biggest furniture stores in Europe was looking for over 40 sales talents within a 6 months timeframe. Based on a Market analysis and multi-channel approach (Calls, social media and recommendations), we found approx. 1200 potential candidates and arranged customized assessment centers based on requirements and skill. Our client could welcome it‘s new employees in no time. That‘s why the project could be extended to two further business units.

The new executive board

We were asked on short notice to find a new executive board for a mid-sized, technical company. As our client operates as a specialist in a niche market, competition wasn’t very big. But as rare were suitable candidates knowing the business and being able to lead a company. Broadening our horizon, we started to look from a commercial and technical point of you. That helped us finding approx. 90 qualified candidates from management, project management, sales and engineering. After two months, one of these executives took the chance to advance his career and took over the lead of the company.

Maybe one or the other situation sounds familiar to you? Let‘s find a way for your company to make it work. We are looking forward to your story.